Independent Chief Inspector Of The Border Agency’s Report On Entry Clearance In Abu Dhabi And Islamabad, Published 4 November 2010 – Migrationwatch (mw) Comment

The report “covers the inspection of the Abu Dhabi and Islamabad visa sections, examining the handling of applications made by customers in Pakistan, Iran and three member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Dubai). The inspection included a detailed assessment of cases “…..in the categories of General Visit and Tier 4 […]

9th November 2010 (Visas/Work Permits)

Brussels Leak Reveals Britain To Take Major Share Of Indian It Workers

Documents leaked from the European Commission reveal the true state of negotiations with India for the preferential admission of IT workers to the EU. The UK's quota for some worker categories 40% of the entire EU commitment – almost three times that of Germany and almost seven times that of France. The Commission is preparing […]

Response To The Home Affairs Committee Report On An Immigration Cap

Sir Andrew said that "Nearly 100,000 work related visas were issued last year, a significant number compared to net immigration of about 200,000." "We must, of course, continue to admit key people but economic migration must take a share of the necessary reduction in immigration if our population growth is to be brought under control," […]

5th November 2010 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Proposals To Charge Fees For Immigration And Asylum Appeals

The Ministry of Justice has recently published a consultation paper on proposals to start charging fees for certain categories of appeals against adverse decisions by the UK Border Agency on asylum and immigration applications. Such appeals are heard in the first instance by the First Tier Tribunal, Immigration and Asylum Chamber and by the Upper […]

4th November 2010 (Asylum, Legal Matters)

One In Twelve Social Houses Occupied By Foreign Nationals

Today's English Housing Survey provides further evidence of the pressure placed by immigration on the housing sector. Foreign nationals now occupy 8.4% of the social housing stock. Among occupants aged 16-40 that figure rises to 12.6%. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK said "This finally destroys the myth that less than 2% of […]

27th October 2010 (Housing)

The Solar Lamp Lights The Way Britain Must Go

Letter sent to The Timesby Sir Andrew Green Chairman, Migration Watch UK21 October, 2010 An edited version was published 25 October, 2010 under the heading 'Zero Migration?' Sir, David Aaronovitch's article "The solar lamp lights the way Britain must go" (21 October) was simply bizarre. He completely, and perhaps even deliberately, misrepresents the aims of […]

25th October 2010 (Population)

Eu Deal Means British Jobs For Indian Workers

At just the time that the government is calling on the private sector to create jobs, they are negotiating in secret an agreement between the EU and India that would allow an unlimited number of Indian specialists to do work in Britain that has not been first offered to British workers. This could well blast […]

Immigration And Education: Response To The Ippr

The IPPR has recently published a critique of Migrationwatch's recent report on the likely future impacts that immigration would have on primary and secondary education in the UK. Their critique does not attempt to challenge our main point – namely that mass immigration of 3 million over the last 12 years is likely to add […]

Response To Critics: Immigration And Demand For Education

Our paper published on 14 October attracted criticism from the usual quarters.  None of it affected the main thrust of the report which was that there will be a very substantial increase in the demand for education as a result of the massive levels of immigration permitted, even encouraged, by the previous government.   However, it […]

18th October 2010 (Education)

Decade Of Immigration Means ½ Million More School Places To Be Found In Next Five Years – And 1m Over Ten Years

Over the next five years – to 2015 – over half a million more school places will be needed for the children of recent immigrants to the UK – those who arrived after 1998. This will cost a total of £40 billion over the period – according to a new report (Briefing Paper No 2.4) from think-tank […]

14th October 2010 (Education)

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