Lib Dems Talk Tough On Immigration – But Their Actual Policies Would Be “disastrous”

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The Liberal Democrats immigration policy sounds tough but, in reality, is no better than the government’s "open door immigration policy" that has seen the biggest wave of immigration in our history, says a new report out today.

The policy was the first of the major parties to be scrutinised in detail by think-tank Migrationwatch as the parties set out their stalls for the upcoming general election.

‘The Lib Dems realise that this is an issue of deep public concern which could well affect the way people vote,’ said Sir Andrew Green, Migrationwatch chairman. ‘They therefore want to give the impression of proposing firm and decisive action – but, sadly this is entirely hollow. For all their tough talk, their policies will make little or no difference to the numbers coming to the UK.

The paper summarised Liberal Democrat policies as having three main strands – an emphasis on "control", a scheme for directing immigration to certain regions and support for illegal immigrants to be allowed to "earn regularisation".

See the Full Press Release.

16th March 2010

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