Major Parties Help Fringe Groups With Their Silence On Immigration. Immigration Largely Ignored In Main Manifestos

The three main parties are once again ignoring widespread public concern about the number of immigrants allowed into the UK in their manifestos for next week’s European elections.

An analysis of the parties’ manifestos on this highly sensitive issue – consistently rated among the top three concerns of the public for a number of years – finds no hint of any desire for an open and frank discussion, let alone any meaningful commitment to bring down the highest immigration levels in our history. The analysis was prepared by think tank Migrationwatch.

‘Only last week a YouGov poll showed that more than 7 out of 10 adults want immigration cut by over 80%,’ said Chairman Sir Andrew Green…..

See the full text of this Press Release.

28th May 2009 - Balanced Migration, Emigration, Migration Trends, Policy, Population

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