Balanced Migration

June 2021
Why immigration control matters – the views of three thinkers

These arguments help to present a case for border control and reduced immigration on the grounds of positive…

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February 2021
Nothing is less true than the claim we are a nation of migrants

There is a very persistent myth about Britain, that we are 'a nation of immigrants.' Ed West in his excellen…

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January 2021
The government has opened up the risk of rapid inflows of millions of people with no ability to control the …

The government have essentially abandoned control over access to long-term immigration for 5.4 million peopl…

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January 2021
Why do we need so many more houses? Immigration

We are now seeing the prospect of construction on a scale not seen since that post-war period

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December 2020
What’s the point of taking back control of immigration if we don’t reduce it?

By Lord GreenPresident of Migration Watch UKConservative Home, December 27, 2020 The Trade Agreement announc…

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December 2020
How the open borders industry uses Victimology Dogma to get its own way

The Windrush scandal has brought into sharp relief the power and reach of Britain’s immigration industry. …

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June 2016
The Vanishing Students from Outside the EU

1. Much attention has been paid to the apparent failure of the government to reduce non-EU migration. Howeve…

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April 2015
Full Fact on East European migration falls well short of the mark

This week Full Fact – a fact-checking organisation now regularly heard on the BBC – attempted to…

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June 2014
Migration Watch UK comment on the latest population estimates

The UK population grew by 400,000 between mid-2012 and mid-2013, just under half of which is the direct resu…

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January 2014
Latest Population Projections for the UK

  1. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) revises its population projections for the UK every…

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August 2013
The Migration Matters Trust and their estimate of migration from Bulgaria and Romania

On 8th August the Migration Matters Trust (MMT), chaired by Barbara Roche and co-chaired by Gavin Barwell MP…

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July 2013
No sign yet of any significant inflow from Southern Europe

1. To see if there has been a recent increase in immigration from the EU14 there are three useful sources of…

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August 2012
House of Commons debate on No to 70 Million Petition

Last year Migration Watch UK, launched a petition on the government e-Petition website calling on the govern…

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March 2012
Spectator Debate

‘Immigration: enough is enough.’ That's the motion for The Spectator's next debate, and also a m…

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January 2010
‘If the Tories are serious about immigration it will be in the manifesto’

Commentary By Sir Andrew Green Chairman of Migration Watch UK The Times, London, 11 January, 2010 It was goo…

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December 2009
“Profile of Migration Watch”

"Alongside the TaxPayers' Alliance, MigrationWatch is one of Britain's most effective campaigni…

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