Ict Visas And The Immigration Figures Are The Home Office Fiddling The Figures?

Last week there were press reports that the government was going to ‘massage’ the immigration figures by shortening  the short term Intra Company Transfer (ICT) route to less than one year so as to take 20,000 out of the immigration figures [1].  However, by no means all will be coming for a full year thus […]

Response To The Latest Net Migration Figures – Students Are A Key Element In Net Migration

Despite a small increase over the quarter, these latest figures show that government policy is succeeding in reducing inflows from outside the EU – by 50,000 over the year. Future reductions in net migration will depend on ensuring that people leave when they should. In this connection the student figures are striking. Over the past […]

No Sign Yet Of Any Significant Inflow From Southern Europe

1. To see if there has been a recent increase in immigration from the EU14 there are three useful sources of data: Long Term International Migration Data (LTIM); Annual Population Survey (APS) and; National Insurance Numbers (NINOs).  The APS data has only been available since 2004 and so this is the start date for the […]

Family Permits For Eu Citizens In Britain

A paper issued today by Migration Watch UK reveals that 100,000 dependants of EU nationals resident in Britain entered the UK in the last five years with no conditions attached but with full and immediate access to benefits. The government’s reform of the Immigration Rules require British citizens to be earning £18,600 before they can […]

Think-tank Had Immigration Figures Spot On Almost 10 Years Ago

Figures just out show that the number of migrants coming to Britain in the decade ending next year was correctly predicted by think tank Migration Watch – almost 10 years ago. In 2002 the then newly launched organisation warned that "on current trends we can now expect a net inflow to Britain of at least […]

28th November 2011 (Emigration, Migration Trends, Population)

Petition Demand For Public’s Voice To Be Heard On Immigration

Migration Watch UK have today launched an e-petition calling on the government to stabilise the population of the UK and, certainly, to keep it well below 70 million.The new official population projections issued last week show our population hitting 70 million in 16 years. This is on the assumption that net immigration will continue at […]

Comment On Latest Immigration Statistics

In response to the immigration statistics released this morning showing net migration for 2010 at 239,000, 21% higher on last year, Sir Andrew Green said: "These figures lay bare the legacy of the Labour government with immigration last year close to a quarter of a million, the second highest ever. The coalition government will have […]

Immigration Figures Due For Release On 26 November 2009

Background Briefing Annual immigration figures for calendar 2008, the last before the election, will be published by the ONS on Thursday 26 November. The note (Briefing Paper 9.26)puts the figures, and Government claims about their immigration policy, into perspective. We expect the net immigration figure to be about 150,000 compared to 237,000 for 2007 – […]

Major Parties Help Fringe Groups With Their Silence On Immigration. Immigration Largely Ignored In Main Manifestos

The three main parties are once again ignoring widespread public concern about the number of immigrants allowed into the UK in their manifestos for next week’s European elections. An analysis of the parties’ manifestos on this highly sensitive issue – consistently rated among the top three concerns of the public for a number of years […]

Public Want A Massive Cut In Immigration. Nearly 80 Per Cent Concerned About The Issue.

A 7 out of 10 adults want immigration cut by over 80%. Just 1 in 20 adults support the current level. The YouGov poll, which was commissioned by Migrationwatch for the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, found that 79 per cent of people were “concerned” or “very concerned” about the issue of immigration. Net […]

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