New poll shows massive concern for future population growth in the wake of record migration levels

New poll shows massive concern for future population growth in the wake of record migration  levels

November 24, 2023

A new poll commissioned by Migration Watch UK has found that 66% of respondents are concerned (43% very concerned) by what the latest migration figures mean for future population growth.

The concern is serious enough for a majority (53%) to be prepared to endorse calls for a five-year pause on all further immigration into the UK.

Migration Watch UK sees this as a crystal-clear sign of how worried people are with the eye-watering levels of migration, and the government’s lamentable failure to control, let alone reduce, immigration.

The key polling results

1. Population concerns: A staggering 66% of respondents express concern over the potential growth of the UK's population to 85 million by 2046 if net migration remains at current levels.

2. Support for immigration pause: 53% of respondents endorse a five-year halt on all further immigration into the UK.

3. Negative impact perception: 42% of respondents believe that immigration is detrimentally affecting the quality of life in Britain, with only 10% perceiving it as a positive influence.

Migration Watch UK Chairman, Alp Mehmet, issued a response to the poll findings:

The continuing, astonishing migration levels we learned about this week and what It means for future population growth has spooked us all. Is it any wonder that people are now beginning to see a pause to all Immigration as part of a solution? Mr Sunak should take heed. The public can only be ignored for so long before they make their feelings known.

Notes to editors

This polling was carried out on the 23rd of November 2023 by People Polling for Migration Watch UK. The sample included 1,564 adults aged over eighteen in Great Britain.


1. If the rate of net migration announced continues, it is estimated that by the year 2046 the UK’s population will increase from approximately 67 million people today to about 85 million people. How concerned, if at all, are you about this population change?

Very concerned 43%
Somewhat concerned 23%
Not very concerned 10%
Not at all concerned 4%

2. Some people suggest there should be a temporary five-year pause on all further immigration into the UK so that the UK can better absorb the immigration of the last few decades. Would you support or oppose such a pause on further immigration?

Support 53%
Oppose 22%
Don’t know 25%

3. Thinking about immigration overall, which ONE of the following would you say is closest to your view?

“Immigration is making Britain a nicer place to live” 10%
“Immigration makes no difference to whether Britain is a better or worse place to live” 21%
“Immigration is making Britain a worse place to live” 42%
“I don’t know” 27%

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