Will Our Leaders Deliver?


Unless we get tough the boats will keep coming 

Big promises on the Channel – but will they come to anything?

Our latest analysis of the  official statistics on irregular migration  show that  more than 135,000  people have been detected attempting to enter the UK illegally since 1 January 2018 (see our new summary).  

Was this why the Prime Minister was on the offensive last weekend, suggesting that he will move to take Britain out of the European Convention on Human Rights, in order to remove more of those with no right to be here who arrive by small boat? The howls of derision and sanctimonious humbug from the open borders brigade were as loud as they were predictable. Their noisy protestations brought to mind the proverb: empty vessels make the most noise.  

As to whether this or any other government will ever succeed in pulling us out of the ECHR, or indeed in ending the small boats crisis, remains a matter of conjecture.  

The facts speak for themselves. So far this year, 1,835  people have crossed illegally into Britain in 41 boats, with the numbers predicted to rise (the government estimates that 65-85,000 people could cross in 2023). See our Channel Tracker for the most reliable updates.  

Only one thing will put an end to this collapse of our borders: send the message that illegal entry won’t work, and quickly remove anyone who comes here by unofficial and dangerous routes – in other words, illegally.

Two weeks ago, we wrote in this weekly email about the cold-blooded killing of young Tom Roberts by the evil Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, an adult Afghan masquerading as a 14-year old. Here is a short video that our chairman did and has been attracting attention on our various social media platforms. 

Blog of the week

Half A Million More Foreign-born Arrive In Past Decade Than Previous Ten Years 

Despite promising to cut immigration, the government since coming to office 13 years ago, have overseen higher levels than either under Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. Data from the latest Census (carried out during March 2021) shows that the number of non-UK born people who arrived in the past decade was half a million more than in the previous decade. The total number of non-UK born people who have arrived in the past twenty years and were living here in 2021, was eight million. Of these, 3.7 million arrived in the decade between 2001 and 2011 while 4.2 million arrived in the past decade. The figures underline the extent of the government’s abysmal record and abject failure to deliver on its promises to reduce immigration and control the border. Read our full blog here.  

Migration Watch in the news

The European Conservative: UK Officials Predict Thousands More Migrants Will Make Illegal Channel Crossings This Year 

‘[As] significant as their forecast is the implication that nothing will happen this year to stem the tide of illegality.’ 

GB News: Migrant figures ‘DO NOT represent ACTUAL NUMBER’ arriving says local Kent journalist 

Local Kent journalist Kim Rye speaking to Nana Akua:  

‘1,180 so far this year. We had double the amount last year, from the year before that. And we’re still counting… this is the Migration Watch website that I am taking this from, which is an independent source…’  

And see here for some more reactions to the week’s news:  

The Independent: 87-year-old woman befriended a 34-year-old and ‘treated him like a grandson’. Then he killed her 

‘Another horrific killing which should not have happened. This is the result of taking in people who destroy their passports, whose identity is a mystery but who are taken in anyway and given the freedom to roam about. Our asylum system has become an open backdoor into Britain for all and sundry. The open borders industry have a lot to answer for.’ 

The Sun: GANG STRIFE Albanian gangsters are ‘always one step ahead’ of the UK and have found two NEW ways to smuggle in migrants 

‘Our enforcement regime is simply not working. The forces of law and order will continue to fight a losing battle for so long as illegal migration remains rife. We must make clear that if you come here illegally you will not be allowed to stay and will be swiftly removed.’ 

The Times: Indians now third-biggest cohort of Channel migrants 

‘Yet more proof that asylum is seen as an alternative route to settlement for people who are not fleeing persecution and are not persecuted victims in any way. We have to send a message that illegality will not be tolerated nor rewarded.’ 

Make your voice heard

Last year we ran a campaign to press the Home Office to keep publishing daily updates on Channel crossings after plans were announced to publish figures intermittently. We urged you to sign a petition and write to your MP. You did in your thousands, thank you. The Home Office has now committed to publishing daily figures. Our collective effort bore fruit. Hooray! 

We must now persist with our demand that the government do as they promised and deliver firmer control of immigration and reverse the loosening of the system that has made it easier for those in 80% of the world’s countries to come here and get a job,.  

If you are as concerned as we are about the government’s failure to reduce mass immigration and fix our shambolic and broken asylum system, please write to your MP today.  

10th February 2023 - Newsletters

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