Half A Million More Foreign-born Arrive In Past Decade Than Previous Ten Years


Despite promising cuts in immigration, the government has overseen even higher levels than under Tony Blair or Gordon Brown during their time in office. 

New data from the 2021 Census (carried out during March of last year) shows that the number of non-UK born people who arrived in the past decade was half a million more than in the previous decade. 

The total number of non-UK born people who have arrived in the past twenty years and were living here in 2021, was eight million. Of these, 3.7 million arrived in the decade between 2001 and 2011 and 4.2 million arrived in the past decade. 

Of the total ten million non-UK born living in the UK in 2021, 42% (or 4.2 million) came here since the last Census was conducted 2011.

The data breaks down as follows, according to the ONS:

** Source https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationestimates/bulletins/2011censuspopulationandhouseholdestimatesforenglandandwales/2012-07-16#the-population-of-england-and-wales-and-how-it-has-grown

**Source: https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ukgwa/20160105222958/http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/census/2011-census-analysis/immigration-patterns-and-characteristics-of-non-uk-born-population-groups-in-england-and-wales/story-on-immigration-patterns-of-non-uk-born-populations-in-england-and-wales-in-2011.html#tab-Timeline-of-non-UK-born-population-growth

As well as 4.2 million arrivals of non-UK born people in the past decade, it is also necessary to factor in an growth of 220,000 more non-UK born residents in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Meanwhile, the Census data also showed that the total South Asian-born population of England and Wales (those born in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) now stands at around two million. 

If the total South Asian population were a city, it would be the second largest in the UK after London. 

This is also about equal to the entire present population of Northern Ireland (just under two million). 

There was a half million increase since 2011 – indicating the sheer scale of continuing mass immigration.

  • India remained the most common country of birth outside the UK in 2021 (920,000 people)
  • The number of residents born in Bangladesh is now 273,000
  • The number of those born in Pakistan has increased to nearly 624,000 (1.0%), up from 482,000 in 2011
  • The number of Sri-Lankan-born now totals 144,300. 

2nd November 2022 - Cohesion, Enforcement, History, Migration Trends, Office for National Statistics, Policy, Population

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