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We were told we would be ‘taking back control’; what a whopper that turned out to be. While members of Boris Johnson’s government and Mr Johnson himself have repeatedly boasted of having taken back control of our borders and immigration, we at Migration Watch have pointed to the facts on the ground which tell a different story. The absence of control and chaos is only too obvious at our Channel border but less obvious, because it only shows up in official statistics months after it has taken place, is the record levels of immigration. As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote in the Telegraph this week, the end of free movement from the EU after Brexit has been replaced by a much more impactful loosening of visa controls for migrants across the globe. This, as you know, is something we have been writing about in this weekly email since the introduction of the points-based system and what we warned would happen long before the PBS was put in place. In the words of the Daily Telegraph, we now have, ‘open-door immigration’. The result? A record 1.1 million visas were issued in the year to the end of June 2022. This is no doubt welcome news for big business, who can bring in as many cheaper workers as they like. However, it means crushing pressure on services and workers at the lower end of the earnings ladder, and ever-more radical disruption to communities that results from a rapidly growing, immigration-driven, population. Services, healthcare, infrastructure and precious green spaces are being overwhelmed – and cohesion damaged – by the stubborn unwillingness to protect the border and reduce immigration. Meanwhile, the Conservative leadership candidates seem hell-bent on continuing to cave to the demands of big business and bien-pensant commentators at the expense of those who put them in power. The elites are out of touch, as they will find out come the next election.  

Blog of the week

Boats get bigger: Number Of People Per Illegal Boat Has Shot Up Five-fold Over Past Five Years 

As the government has prevaricated and revealed its impotence on tackling boat arrivals, more than 2,500 boats have arrived. New official figures reveal that the average number of people per boat has risen five-fold since 2018, from an average of seven people per boat in 2018 to around 40 in 2022 so far. Shockingly, more than 2,140 boats have come to the UK (carrying nearly 60,000 people) since Boris Johnson became PM while stating, ‘we will send you back’ if you came illegally. Yet the numbers of people removed has been ridiculously low. There were just 21 enforced removals of those barred from the asylum system, having spent time in safe countries, between the start of 2021 and the end of June 2022. See our full blog here.  

Migration Watch in the news

See below for pour appearances in the news this week: 

Mail Online: Chaos as UK boat rescues migrants in French water as new figures suggest Albanian migrants could be exploiting modern-day slavery laws to avoid deportation 

‘Statistics from different Government departments analysed by Migration Watch UK show an almost 320 per cent rise in people from the Balkan state claiming to be victims of trafficking over the last decade.’ 

Daily Express: Record number of foreign criminals living in UK despite being eligible for DEPORTATION 

Alp said: “Migration Watch UK has long pointed to the scandalous way foreign national offenders are released into the community, simply because the government can’t get them on a flight to wherever they’re from and doesn’t know what else to do with them. What is especially worrying is that many of those wandering freely in unsuspecting communities could pose a threat to public safety. But it seems that the safety of law-abiding citizens matters less to the government than the rights of foreign offenders.” 

We were also mentioned by Nigel Farage in a recent column: 

Telegraph: his immigration disaster will trigger a new political insurgency 

‘According to Migration Watch UK, between the years 2005 and 2020, resettlements never rose above 7,000 per year. So much for the Remainer myth that post-Brexit Britain is run by cold, heartless Tories.’ 

And see here for some other reactions to the main stories of the week: 

Telegraph: Albanian people smugglers offering ‘3-for-2’ deals for families trying to cross Channel 

‘It beggars belief that the open borders industry still support treating everyone who crosses the Channel as a victim and automatically a refugee, when the evidence that the system is being gamed and children are being exploited is right before everyone’s eyes.’  

Mail Online: More migrants crossed Channel in August than in the WHOLE of 2020: More than 8,600 arrived in UK on small boats taking total for year to more than 25,000 

‘What’s astonishing is that our political class remain in total denial even as the numbers keep surging. If they don’t get this under control now there will be a rude awakening at the next election. Common sense control of our borders is not too much to ask.’  

The Times: Foreign broadband workers rushed in 

‘Once again big business is instinctively turning to (cheaper) foreign workers and ignoring bright and ambitious young people in Britain. Why do our politicians turn a blind eye on this scandalous approach to recruitment and the shunting aside of trained and talented British workers?’ 

Telegraph: Britain’s open-door immigration entirely changes the economics of Brexit  

‘The Daily Telegraph has done well to point out what Migration Watch has been saying since the introduction of the absurdly loose points-based system. We now have an open-door immigration system. That was not what we were promised.’

Make your voice heard

Our political leaders continue to make a virtue of their gross miscalculation on mass immigration. No, it is not good for the country and the Conservative leadership candidates’ ducking of the issue by focusing entirely on the Channel – not that they’ve said much even on this – has fooled no-one. We will continue to shine a light on the calamitous immigration and asylum policies that are doing so much harm to the UK. We will stay on the case. We will be like a mosquito humming in their ear; reminding them of the electoral cost of failing to keep their solemn promise to reduce immigration. Write to your MP here to remind him/her that you expect them to do what they were elected to do.

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