Not A Peep On Mass Immigration…

Why the radio silence on this critical issue? 

Why are they avoiding the topic of mass immigration?

Have you noticed the almost total radio silence on immigration from all of the Tory leadership candidates? Sure, we have heard a great deal about Rwanda, the Channel crisis and vague promises to leave the European Convention of Human Rights, which, even if it were to happen, is unlikely to be before the next Parliament. All the headlines and commentary about illegal immigration gloss over the much bigger story of mass immigration into Britain continuing on a seriously worrying scale with no sign of going down. The fact is in 2021 there were nearly 1 million long-term visa grants (See our research paper here and our summary here).  While, as we have already pointed out, the early census results have shown there was an increase of 3.5 million people in our population, over 80% of which was due to immigration – migrants and children born to them. And yet, the five aspiring Prime Ministers have studiously avoided the issue of immigration. Given that British voters have consistently voted for a reduction in the numbers and recent polls show 75% of voters think the government is handling immigration badly, it seems that the chasm between the elites and ordinary people is ever-widening. None of this will surprise our followers. There is still time of course to let those still in the race know what you think of their immigration avoidance tactics. 

Blog of the week

We Need Transparency On Immigration 

While statistics on immigration over the last two years have started to be published, the true picture of what went on during the pandemic is still not clear due to delays and changes to the way inflows are recorded. The public know both that immigration is skyrocketing (breaching a clear promise by the government to reduce and control it) and that they are not being given a clear picture. Does it matter? Well, the publication of vital migration and other statistics means less transparency for the public. This does democracy a disservice. Our ability to hold those in power to account on the critically important issue of immigration depends on clear facts and figures on what is going on. Read our full blog here.

Migration Watch in the news

We were featured in the national news again this week. See below: 

GB News: 14,000 migrants have now been detected illegally crossing the Channel this year 

‘By the end of the year, if it continues at this rate, I reckon we’re going to get between 30,000 and 50,000.’  

Sunday Express: Two thirds of asylum seekers who claimed to be children were found to be over 18

‘Adults claiming to be children have long been given the benefit of the doubt. That is why traffickers and migrants have long used it as their ploy to get into the UK and stay.

‘It is a costly and dangerous gap in our defences. Ahmed Hassan, the Parson’s Green bomber, lied to stay here. And adults being placed among children doesn’t bear thinking about.’

Please also see here for our latest video in which our Chairman Alp Mehmet explains the damage that uncontrolled mass immigration does to our way of life and our country’s future. 

Make your voice heard

Now is the time to speak out. As the Tory candidates scramble to get to 10 Downing Street, we have been looking to put to them the following question:  

“According to census results, the population of England and Wales grew by 3.5m in  10 yrs, of which well over 80% was due to immigration. And last year alone we granted 1m long-term visas.  

How will you reduce immigration as the Party promised at the last election and as the public (and especially Conservative voters) have consistently called for?” 

So far, not much has been forthcoming. This is a perfect opportunity to let them know that they will not retain your support unless they take action to reduce the levels of immigration that have added to our population so dramatically and are systematically changing the character of our society. This means more than sabre rattling about the ECHR or Rwanda and cursory nods towards immigration. Please consider writing to your MP today to remind the political class who they are accountable to.  

10th August 2022 - Newsletters

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