The Open Borders Brigade Strike Again

We must not let them thwart the Rwanda scheme

Activist lawyers make their move

Predictably, and only weeks after the Home Secretary announced plans to send illegal Channel-crossers to Rwanda for processing of their claims, the open borders industry, including activist lawyers, NGOs and a civil service union, have kicked into action. It was reported this week that 80 out of the 130 “inadmissible” asylum seekers marked out for removal to Rwanda have had legal challenges filed on their behalf. How these people can fail to see that the net effect of their efforts will be to aid and abet vile people smugglers and feed the shadow economy and unscrupulous employers who thrive on undocumented, cheap workers, is a mystery. The mass legal action against the Rwanda plan must not succeed, if there is to be any chance of stemming the flood of illegal boat crossings. Should the courts side with those mounting the challenges, then the criminals will have won and the law-abiding, taxpaying public will have lost. (See Rakib Ehsan’s brilliant comment piece in the Daily Mail on this.). All this as the number who have crossed the Channel this year passes 10,000 (keep up to date with our Channel Tracking Station). Now is the time for the government to show its mettle. It is time the government, and in particular Boris Johnson, listened to those who voted for them and keep to the pledges made to them two and half years ago.  

Blog of the week

200,000 Have Come Via Safe And Legal Routes Since 2004 

It is often claimed by open border activists that the UK does not have safe and legal routes for asylum seekers and that is why increasing numbers cross the Channel illegally to get here. French President Emmanuel Macron recently attacked the UK on these grounds, noting:  “There is no legal immigration route.”  This is absurd. Over 200,000 people have been granted resettlement in the UK under 11 different ‘safe and legal’ routes since 2004. More than 60,000 refugees have arrived from Ukraine already in 2022. Read our full blog here.  

Migration watch in the news

We have been in demand again by the national press this week. See below: 

GB News: Legal challenges could delay flights to Rwanda

‘Rwanda was never going to be sufficient on its own, it had to be part of a wider process of denying entry to those who are seeking to come here by any means possible.’

GB News: Immigration Numbers  

‘The likelihood is that the numbers showing up also indicate that net migration is shooting up.’  

Epoch Times: Group Seeks Injunction to Block Migrant Deportations to Rwanda Next Week 

‘This is disgraceful. Let’s hope the poor old taxpayer is not having to pay through legal aid for what is little more than a blatant attempt to thwart the enforcement of laws only recently passed. The public will be disgusted by such legal chicanery.’ 10,000 asylum seekers reach UK this year 

‘Asylum seekers keep coming back because they’ve nothing to lose and every chance of succeeding. Such is the ease with which our overwhelmed asylum system can be abused – to the detriment of genuine refugees and the poor old UK taxpayer.’ 

May we also point you to comments made by SDP leader William Clouston reported in Bournbrook Magazine which draw heavily on our research.  

Bournbrook: The Channel migrant crisis is like an “invasion”, says William Clouston 

In comparing this moment in history with previous flashpoints, Mr Clouston, in a statement considered off-limits by other political party leaders, spoke his thoughts: 

“If you have 30,000 people just rocking up on the south coast –  and it’s going to be 70,000 according to Alp Mehmet [of Migration Watch UK] –  this year, most people would just say ‘that’s pretty much an invasion’. It looks like one, it’s pretty much obvious. It’s not intemperate to call it that because if you look at the age of the people that are turning up, pretty much… 

“If you zoomed back 1,000 years, 2,000 years, the men of Kent would look at that and say ‘it looks pretty much like an invasion to me’.” 

Make your voice heard

Yes, it remains to be seen whether the Home Secretary and Prime Minister are serious about Rwanda. What we do know is that immigration enforcement is at its weakest point ever – with enforced returns of those with no right to be in the UK falling from 15,000 per year in 2012 to just 2,761 in 2021 (see Home Office bulletin). The Rwanda scheme is, we hope, finally part of a serious attempt to deal with the problem of the mounting flow across the Channel (nearly 50,000 people illegally arrived this way since 1 January 2018). By the end of 2022, at the current rate, the number could have doubled. Boris Johnson’s government knows only too well that if they don’t solve this problem soon, they will pay for it at the ballot box. Despite the gaslighting and spin of recent months, the fact remains that those in power are only too aware of the inevitable reaction of the British public should immigration continue unabated and out of control, as it is now. The scandalously weak new points based system that has resulted in legal long term immigration in the year to March this year exceeding one million visa grants, is still to be fully understood. If you have not already done so, do please write to Your  MP and tell them that only a reduction in immigration will do, otherwise border control is there in name only.  

28th July 2022 - Newsletters

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