50,000 Channel Crossers Since 2018

And remote judges cancel Rwanda flight

Rwanda flight stopped dead by ECHR as boat arrivals top 50,000 

No sooner had the court in Strasbourg blocked the first flight carrying illegal Channel crossers to Rwanda than we learned that boat arrivals into Kent had topped an astonishing 50,000 since 2018 (see our Tracker). What a disgraceful decision by remote judges who seemed to have heard only the siren voices of this country’s out-of-touch, virtue signalling elites happily ensconced in their ivory towers. At a stroke the Strasbourg court halted action the public has been calling for and which heralded signs that the government was finally getting getting a grip on the deadly Channel chaos and deterring people from crossing. Here’s our comment and our longer statement on the Rwanda scheme. The last-minute action was no less shocking for being unsurprising, even if our own High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court had ruled in favour of the government. As our supporters already know, Migration Watch UK is one of the few voices making the case for sanity on immigration control in the midst of a ruling culture that is heavily biased towards high immigration and increasingly weak and insecure borders. Attempts to tighten our national boundaries and enforce the law are immediately met with hysterical resistance. Note the latest reaction on the streets of Peckham when immigration officials and police were prevented from arresting someone with no right to be here. Priti Patel deserves credit for at least trying, but the real test will be how determined she and the Prime Minister are to pursue the policy of removals to Rwanda following the first wave of spanners in the works from human rights and open borders zealots.

Blog of the week

Britain Not Obliged To Take In Europe’s Failed Asylum Claimants: Parliamentary Committee 

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights said in a  report earlier this year:  “It is not unreasonable to treat as inadmissible [an asylum claim] from an individual who has already had [it] considered, accepted or rejected in another safe country.” Of course this is stating the obvious for most sensible, rational people in the UK. Such common sense, with some notable exceptions, is being heard less and less from the political class. The Committee is effectively acknowledging what we have been saying for a long time, and which we stated in our evidence to it regarding illegal Channel crossings: the UK has become an ever-strengthening magnet for failed asylum claimants from all over the Continent (for evidence of this, see our summary). On top of that we are taking in thousands who destroy their documentation, meaning it is hard to verify identities – with an obvious resulting concern for public safety. Further proof (see our Channel Tracking Station here) of all this can be seen in the fact that 677 have crossed the Channel in boats in just the past few days. Read our full blog here

Migration Watch in the news

Please see below for our official response to the cancelled Rwanda flight this week.  

MWUK: Migration Watch UK comment on Rwanda flight being blocked 

‘This absurd European Court of Human Rights decision gives licence to continued asylum abuse, unvetted arrivals and criminal smuggling rackets to carry on regardless. It is utterly outrageous that last night’s flight to Rwanda was stopped despite the Supreme Court, High Court and Court of Appeal deciding in favour of the Government. The public urgently want our parliament and courts to decide what is in UK interests, and not remote human rights judges who seemingly are only listening to this country’s out-of-touch progressive elites pontificating from their ivory-towers.’ 

You may also be interested in our Chairman Alp Mehmet’s appearance in the Kenyan papers this week. See here.  

See also our comment below on the Channel numbers reaching a record 50,000 since 2018. 

MWUK:  50,000 boat arrivals since 2018

‘This is an ignominious milestone and a testament to the incompetence, laxity and weakness that has brought us to the present chaos. Cracking down with resolution early on would have stopped this mounting and deadly crisis. It is now incumbent on the government to follow through on its rhetoric and end this criminal and wicked trade. If it fails yet again, we could see a doubling of even this sobering number well before June 2023.’

Our research was picked up by The Times. Read here for more. 

Our Chairman Alp Mehmet has appeared elsewhere in the national media. See below:  

Talk TV: The first flight to Rwanda has been cancelled! 

‘The important thing now is for the government to pursue its policy and for Priti Patel to do what she says she’s going to do and start preparing for the next flight.’ 

GB News:  The Rwanda migrant plan is a good start and must be pursued 

‘We’ve got to send the message out to the traffickers that it won’t work. If Rwanda contributes to that message then it will be a good thing’ 

Make your voice heard

Rwanda is only one part of a wider change in thinking necessary for border control. The meddling of international judges in UK immigration and border control is a reminder of the powerful forces ranged against us in our efforts to reclaim our sovereignty. Despite the unwillingness to confront illegal immigration, we also have a new ‘points-based’ system that weakens key limits on legal immigration, which continues to be too high and too fast, as has been the case for the last two decades. We have lost a cap on yearly work permits, skills and education thresholds have been lowered and British companies no longer have to prioritise UK workers. It means that people in 80% of the world’s countries now find it much easier to come here and live and work than prior to 2021. Not surprisingly, entry clearance grants shot up to around a million in the past year and we believe that the UK may have experienced its highest immigration level ever recorded. Moreover, there’s every likelihood that this year will be even higher. While attention is understandably on the Channel and Rwanda, let’s not forget that there is a relentless and systematic drive from the immigration industry to to open up our borders. If you share our outrage at this anti-democratic action, please consider writing to your MP

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