Covering Up Daily Boat Arrivals Is To Aid Transparency, Says Member Of Parliament


The government is censoring your right to know the truth.

Never before have such frightened politicians resorted to such desperate, obvious means to hide their own failure from the people who voted them into office and who pay their salaries.

As the increasingly hard-pressed public (burdened with rising energy costs and back-breaking inflation) forks out a whopping £1.7 billion per year to house tens of thousands of illegal migrants in hotels, the government moves to hide the truth from the public.

One concerned member of the public signed the petition (along with thousands of other concerned Brits) and informed their MP of this fact. The MP wrote back stating that publishing less frequent updates on the number of daily arrivals “will provide a more transparent picture on small boats data”.

The MP – Rob Roberts who represents Delyn in North Wales, was elected in 2019 as a Conservative but now sits as an Independent. He really asserted this, presumably with a straight face, while confirming: “In line with the publication of other official statistics, daily migrant Channel crossing figures will now be published every three months.”

See the full letter below.

The bombshell news of the government’s Channel crossing cover up was released in late January.

When the news of the cover up emerged, it was reported that the Home Office said doing so would “better support public understanding”.

At the time, it was reported that daily arrival reports would continue as before.

However, it now seems that the cover up has already begun (see here).

They think the public are dumb, gullible and distracted. How wrong they are. .

Please sign this petition to make it clear to civil servants and politicians that voters will not accept the truth being hidden.

Blatant censorship to cover up failure is not the act of a democratic, accountable government.

It is desperate, wrong, cowardly and out-of-touch.

Send them a clear, unmistakable message. Sign the petition now.

9th February 2022 - Current Affairs, Legal Matters, Migration Trends, Policy

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