Guardian Article Fails To Live Up To Its Own Calls For Honesty In The Immigration Debate

Perhaps surprisingly, under their ‘sustainable business’ section, the Guardian have an article by an ‘arranger’ of cleaning services. She makes several of the usual straw man arguments including that the alternative to mass immigration is stopping immigration. It isn't – it is about a manageable scale. She also calls for honesty on the facts while selectively quoting the UCL report on the fiscal benefit to the UK of immigration without mentioning their finding of an overall cost of £115bn-£160bn between 1995 and 2011.

Her business relies on the availability of workers from abroad to take low paid cleaning work. This might boost the number of people in employment but any question of sustainability should pay due regard to the additional pressure on housing, public services and the potential bill for benefits that is likely to arise from work without any proper employment status or security of income for the individuals involved.

6th February 2015 - Economics, Employment

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