Comment On Express Story On Illegal Immigrants

This morning a story has appeared on the front page of The Express newspaper with the headline 'Fury over Britain's 2m Illegal Migrants' which claims to be based on Migration Watch UK research.
It is reported that Migration Watch UK estimates that 52 migrants attempt to enter the UK clandestinely every day and that for every one person stopped at the border another 105 may successfully cross the border. Migration Watch UK has never made such claims.
Migration Watch UK estimated the illegal migrant population in Britain to be 1.1 million in 2010, an estimate made over four years ago. That briefing paper (see here) was in the context of an amnesty proposed by the Liberal Democrats. The paper made the point that such an amnesty would permit the subsequent arrival of a substantial number of dependants which could eventually double the total involved. There has, of course, been no such amnesty.
The secondary headline was ‘Border crisis getting worse say experts’. Again, that was not a comment form Migration Watch UK.
Migration Watch UK declined to cooperate in this story which explains why there is no quote from ourselves.

27th August 2014 - Uncategorised

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