Immigration Implications Of Indicative Votes

Summary Parliament are conducting further indicative votes today. The immigration implications of the four options are outlined below. As long as the UK leaves the EU and EEA it should be able to assert sovereign control over immigration although pressure for concessions might arise in future trade negotiations. (see our paper). Customs union Enshrines in […]

1st April 2019 (Uncategorised)

Migration Watch Uk Press Release: Divergent Immigration Rules Different Parts Of The Uk Would Be A Recipe For Chaos

Implementing different immigration policies for separate parts of the UK would be a recipe for chaos and would risk infuriating the public by undermining efforts to reduce migration. That is the conclusion of a briefing paper being published by Migration Watch UK. The paper also finds that regional immigration schemes would be extremely complex and […]

16th December 2016 (Uncategorised)

Migration Watch Press Comment On Net Migration Statistics

Commenting, Mr Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “These disappointing figures underline the need to take a strong position on immigration in the Brexit negotiations. Even if net migration was brought down to 265,000 a year the UK population would still be growing at half a million a year, every year for […]

1st December 2016 (Uncategorised)

The Implications Of ‘brexit’ For Border Controls In Calais

The French government have an option to withdraw from the Treaty at two years notice and might do so under political pressure from the National Front whether or not the UK remains in the EU. On the other hand, they have a clear interest in an unimpeded flow of goods and tourists. They might also […]

16th March 2016 (European Union, Uncategorised)

Comment On Express Story On Illegal Immigrants

This morning a story has appeared on the front page of The Express newspaper with the headline 'Fury over Britain's 2m Illegal Migrants' which claims to be based on Migration Watch UK research.   It is reported that Migration Watch UK estimates that 52 migrants attempt to enter the UK clandestinely every day and that […]

27th August 2014 (Uncategorised)

Question Time And The History Of Migration

On Thursday evening’s edition of Question Time Neil Hamilton, UKIP’s Deputy Chairman, claimed in a discussion on immigration that more migrants had arrived in 2010 alone than had arrived in the entire period between 1066 and 1950. Mr Hamilton cited the Migration Watch UK website as his source. The source of this claim is in […]

23rd May 2014 (Uncategorised)

Press Comment On The Latest Immigration Statistics

Commenting on the latest Immigration Statistics, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:   “These new figures confirm that migration from the EU has blown the government off course in meeting its overall target.   In particular we note that the number of new NINOs issued to Romania and Bulgarian citizens in the […]

22nd May 2014 (Uncategorised)

Another Response To Mr Portes On Taxes Paid By East Europeans

In a series of some 50 tweets Mr Portes (of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research) is claiming that the Migrationwatch estimate that 150,000 Eastern European employees can be paying no more than about £1 a week in net direct taxes cannot be substantiated, and implying that it must be wrong.   In fact […]

20th May 2014 (Uncategorised)

Mid-term Review: Comment By Vice Chair

7 January, 2013  Alp Mehmet said: 'The mid term review is incredibly mealy mouthed about immigration.  It speaks only of "preventing a large increase in overall immigration." Doubtless at Lib Dem insistence and despite the results of the census, the strength of the public's desire to get immigration down to acceptable levels has been largely […]

8th January 2013 (Uncategorised)

Chief Inspector’s Report Into Asylum Detained Fast Track System

Today, the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency published a report into the Detained Fast Track System. Commenting Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "This is a constructive report. It underlines the value and effectiveness of the Fast Track system. Some improvements are of course necessary but the system is […]

23rd February 2012 (Uncategorised)

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