Changing Minds – The Financing Of The Pro-mass Immigration Lobby

The Daily Mail recently reported on the Diana Memorial
Fund’s financing of a pro mass immigration campaign.  The article highlighted the role of the
Migration Observatory in this campaign, called “Changing Minds”. The Migration
Observatory has not responded to our questions seeking clarification of their
position. However, we have now looked further
into this issue ourselves and have found a systematic attempt by a small group
of charities to influence public opinion on immigration.  These charities are, of course, free to
undertake such a campaign but it seems that the Migration Observatory which
claims to be impartial is a key vehicle in their campaign.   Their website declares their funders but
makes no mention of their connection with this campaign.  There must be some question as to whether
such activity is appropriate to a major university.

To read the full Briefing Paper No 10.27 click here.

7th May 2013 - Economics, Population

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