Speech By Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband This Morning

Following the speech made this morning by the
Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband, Sir Andrew Green said:

"The steps which Ed Miliband outlined to
promote integration are perfectly sensible but there was a glaring
gap in his speech – namely his failure to say anything significant about
limiting the scale of future immigration.
Apparently, he is only going to "look at the whole
system". Does he seriously think that we can integrate
three million migrants into our community every ten years?
Until Labour undertake to place limits on immigration they will not get a
hearing from the British public."

to editors:
The 2011 census reported that 3.8 million people born abroad
and resident in the UK arrived into England and Wales in the last ten years.

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14th December 2012 - Migration Trends, Office for National Statistics, Policy, Population

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