EU Referendum - Central issues on immigration

  • The renegotiation will have very little impact on immigration from the EU so our population will continue to climb rapidly.
  • Those now being accepted in the EU as refugees, and their families, will become EU citizens entitled to free movement to the UK in 5-6 years.
  • If Turkey were to join the EU 79 million people would have the right to live and work in the UK and Turkey would become a significant power in the EU.
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10 Key Points on Mass Immigration

  • The current scale of migration to the UK, 330,000 a year, of which roughly half is from the EU, is completely unsustainable.
  • As a result our population is projected to rise by half a million every year – the equivalent of a city the size of Liverpool.
  • England is already twice as crowded as Germany and 3.5 times as crowded as France.
  • Population growth adds to the pressures on public services when public spending is being reduced.
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We are an independent non political body which is concerned about the present scale of immigration into the UK.

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  • @sundersays @Zulfiesyed @The_IoD We also said that govt must protect the rights of existing EU migrants in the UK 2/2
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • @sundersays @Zulfiesyed @The_IoD Just to clarify, we have never taken a position on Britain's membership of the EU 1/2
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • Our new blog: 'UK population rises by more than 500,000 in a year to reach 65.1 million'
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • Migration Watch Press Comment on ONS mid-year population estimates
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • At this rate, population will increase by 10 million by 2035 - 75% due to migration. See ONS population projections
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • Population growth at 500k a year same as city the size of Liverpool - fastest rise in nearly a century. Our paper
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • Migration plus births to foreign-born parents accounted for 85% of UK population growth since 2000 (see our paper
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • ONS stats show UK population is now 65.1 million - growing by more than 500k in a year (see full ONS release here
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • 'GPs are seeing 150,000 more patients a day than just seven years ago, says doctor' via @Mailonline
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • The fiscal impact of 'recent' migrants from the EU (arrived since 2001) is broadly neutral #BBCDebate
    4 days ago - Retweet

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