We are an independent non political body which is concerned about the present scale of immigration into the UK.

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  • EU border agency warned of migrant terror threat 18 months ago - but nothing was done | via @Telegraph https://t.co/mXzCF42xKi
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • Featuring @alexander_betts , @sairagrant & @AlpMehm Listen here https://t.co/1VaVU4plXw https://t.co/opMWCgwHPk
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • RT @AlpMehm: A civilised discussion https://t.co/h7AA4ViO4y
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • Schengen Zone to be redrawn to save EU's passport free travel area  https://t.co/H8PfntT72p via @MailOnline
    5 days ago - Retweet
  • BBC News - Immigrant spouses must speak English, court rules https://t.co/UhnbMFMEGY
    6 days ago - Retweet
  • Public abandons support for Syrian refugees coming to Britain https://t.co/exexQXkZaP
    6 days ago - Retweet
  • No limit on genuine students & all graduates can currently stay on if they find graduate level work paying £20,800. https://t.co/hc4PmOZC9u
    1 week ago - Retweet
  • For some context on International Students see our overview here https://t.co/5ilDd7No3E https://t.co/hc4PmOZC9u
    1 week ago - Retweet
  • BBC News - Syrian refugee group set to arrive in UK https://t.co/cF3Vggtdz0
    1 week ago - Retweet
  • Europe must have stronger borders | via @Telegraph https://t.co/l9iYBBE6RW
    1 week ago - Retweet

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