We are an independent non political body which is concerned about the present scale of immigration into the UK.

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  • Most recent net migration figure, for year to Dec 2015, was 333,000 - highest on record for a calendar year https://t.co/luyBrODvz6 (2 of 3)
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  • New net migration statistics, for year to March 2016, scheduled to be released by ONS tomorrow morning https://t.co/8l6iOHsYCG (1 of 3)
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  • Poll @IpsosMORI: UK most likely of 22 countries asked to say immigration priority should be given to those w/ skills https://t.co/hJpeRXoynP
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  • '18,000 illegal immigrants caught working in Britain in just 3 years… but only A THIRD are kicked out' via @thesun https://t.co/W4dxeumPMG
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  • @LSEEuroppblog @GMBGMDB Free mvmt is unacceptable to majority, even 44% Remain voters want migration reduced https://t.co/ThlJvkuMt5 2/2
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  • @LSEEuroppblog @GMBGMDB YouGov poll in June https://t.co/ulzltvg82b found Brits oppose 2nd referendum by nearly 2-to-1 @LSEEuroppblog 1/2
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  • Theresa May hits back after Jean-Claude Juncker claims borders are 'the worst invention ever made' via @telegraph https://t.co/LocyVQY1FT
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  • See section 4.5 of E’pean Commission report: Emigration significantly lowering GDP in east E’pean states https://t.co/0yQJxhRvQN 2 of 2
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  • Interesting article via @Daily_Express article on ‘brain drain’ from Eastern Europe due to migration https://t.co/qPruuN44Ya 1 of 2
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  • See MWUK’s position on the proposals for a ‘bill of rights’ here https://t.co/otFtoRbLJc 2 of 2
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