New Immigration Polls Find Nearly 80% Of The British Public, Even In His Own Constituency, Think The Home Secretary Is ‘out Of Touch’.

70% of Labour voters in Britain want a sharp cut in immigration.

78% of voters in Alan Johnson’s own constituency oppose his attitude to immigration.

New opinion polls, published today, show the Home Secretary is clearly out of touch with the public. Last week Alan Johnson told a House of Commons Committee that ‘he does not lie awake at night’ worrying that the population of the UK will reach 70 million and that he would not put a cap on the number of immigrants settling in the UK.

A YouGov opinion poll, conducted shortly afterwards for think tank Migrationwatch, shows that his views are completely at odds with the vast majority of the population:

– 81% are worried (45% of which are ‘very worried’) about the prospect of a population of 70 million in 2028.

– 78% say that Alan Johnson is out of touch with people like them.

– 76% want to see net immigration cut from its present level of 237,000 a year to 50,000 or less a year. Of that 76%,32% want to see a policy of “one in, one out” while 22% want to see no immigration at all.

The party affiliations are also of interest…

See Full Press Release.

23rd July 2009 - Balanced Migration, Cohesion, Policy, Population

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