Setting The Record Straight – Migrationwatch Responds To Home Affairs Committee

Think tank Migrationwatch has issued a firm reply to criticisms levelled at the accuracy of its work and motivation by some Members of Parliament at a recent meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Giving evidence on the operation of the Government’s Points Based System, on Migrationwatch Chairman Sir Andrew Green was asked a number of questions regarding the organisation he founded and the credibility of its analysis which were clearly irrelevant to the issue under examination.

‘A number of members of that committee attempted to call into question the quality of our work, presumably because they had no answers to the substance of our criticisms of the government’s policies,’ said Sir Andrew.

‘In fact our record both of accuracy and foresight is quite remarkable. I have therefore written to the committee chairman, The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, setting out our record for inclusion with the rest of the evidence submitted to the Committee,’ he said

31st July 2008 - Employment, Visas/Work Permits

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