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Points-based system could lead to steep rise in migrants
The Times (01-Jan-2020)
Immigration could rise sharply under Boris Johnson’s plans for an Australian points-based system unless he imposes a cap on skilled migrants.
UK cutters should halt migrants in French waters and return them to France, say ex-immigration chiefs
Daily Telegraph (23-Dec-2019)
'If everyone were to be returned to France, the attraction would be negated', said Peter Higgins, former head of the immigration service.
What a points-based immigration system would mean for the economy
Daily Telegraph (11-Dec-2019)
The thorny subject of immigration has dictated every step of Britain’s departure from the EU.
Two in three Britons still worried by migration
Daily Mail (09-Dec-2019)
The survey found 65 per cent of those asked agree the level of net migration is a major concern for the public.
Seven in ten people want an Australian-style cap on work visas issued to migrants after Brexit
The Sun (03-Dec-2019)
Survey said 71 per cent backed upper limit on migrants coming here on work visa.

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