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Europe’s four freedoms are its very essence
Financial Times (20-Nov-2017)
Their indivisibility is the reason why I am more sceptical than others about a new type of EU-UK association agreement.
Confederation for British Industry backs workers from the EU ‘because they are cheaper’ and says ‘reducing immigration is not the answer’
Daily Mail (20-Nov-2017)
The lobby group was last night accused (by Migration Watch UK) of trying to cling on to ‘cheap labour’.
Jail threat for ID deceivers: New warning for defendants who fail to disclose nationality
Daily Express (17-Nov-2017)
Defendants who fail to disclose their nationalities in court could face a year in prison under a Government scheme to deport more foreign criminals.
Record numbers of EU workers in UK since Brexit
Sky News (16-Nov-2017)
Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of campaign group Migration Watch UK, said the figures 'show that predictions of a Brexodus are nonsense'.
Ministers continue to mislead us on housing and migration
Daily Express (15-Nov-2017)
A new report from Migration Watch asserts that successive governments have misled the British people over the impact of immigration on housing demand.

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