We are an independent non political body which is concerned about the present scale of immigration into the UK.

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  • Article in @MailOnline about arrests for illegal working https://t.co/lOGE7mxEFM MWUK's @alpmehm comments https://t.co/A6BlHW57a4
    41 minutes ago - Retweet
  • RT @Demos: Only 20% of Brits want #EU freedom of movement to continue in current state: new from @Demos & @ComResPolls: https://t.co/u7QxVV…
    2 hours ago - Retweet
  • MWUK's @alpmehm quoted today in @TheSun regarding migration and the social care sector https://t.co/tp2fff1vfI https://t.co/GsuxEFQZ5X
    20 hours ago - Retweet
  • See also our recent blog responding to the Scottish government's recent paper on Brexit and Scotland's economy 5/5 https://t.co/NjlHYBwvG9
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • Even cutting lower-skilled EU migration allows 7% rise in Scotland’s population by 2039 4/5 https://t.co/e60BA3qoI1
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • MSP to @CommonsScotAffs: Scotland's pop growth is supported by immigration.But pop would still rise if migration cut https://t.co/LL9ARgNBfi
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • UK Govt: Varying rules for different parts of UK wld complicate,harm integrity, cause difficulties for employers 2/5 https://t.co/rzKnXchieH
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • 'No special migration deal for Scotland following Brexit vote, insists UK Government' @heraldscotland 1/5 https://t.co/fNJM6fUINE
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • And the full briefing paper on Migration and the Care Sector https://t.co/1blhifxeyR 2/2
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • Our new press release 'Improve pay and conditions in the social care sector rather than relying on migration' https://t.co/0uSlnDsBIp 1/2
    1 day ago - Retweet

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