Migration Watch UK responds to 606,000 net migration in 2022

Migration Watch UK responds to 606,000 net migration in 2022

May 25, 2023

If net migration is allowed to continue at anything like the current rate of 606,000 per year there will be a massive impact on our population and society. We are, therefore, launching a “Campaign to Cut Immigration” together with a petition.

Immigration has already increased the UK population by nearly 7 million over the past twenty years – that is seven times the population of Birmingham. As a result, a new home is already needed every five minutes, day and night, just for new arrivals, adding hugely to our housing problems and pressure on our services, GP surgeries and schools. Today’s astounding figures mean even more homes, more doctors and more schools will be needed.

This is why nearly 60% of the public want to see lower levels of immigration. They have been ignored for far too long.

Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch, said:

The Prime Minister has abandoned any effort to cut immigration from these stratospheric levels. So, we will now campaign for the public to sign a petition calling for net migration to be cut to less than 100,000 a year. This will be an opportunity, at last, for the public to express their concern about the fundamental changes to the nature of Britain. We really are standing on the edge of the cliff.

The petition is available to sign at: https://www.cutimmigration.co.uk

Notes to editors

Net Migration in 2022 was 606,000, as published by the ONS on the 25 May 2023.

Methodological changes by the ONS have meant these numbers appear lower than they otherwise would have been, further clarification is needed as to why this is.

In summary, the figures show that net migration was 606,000. This includes 1.2 million in total long-term immigration, 557,000 in emigration. This is 118,000 higher than the previous annual record.

Furthermore, this included 52,000 Hong Kongers and 114,000 Ukrainians coming on humanitarian routes.

Net migration of EU nationals was minus 51,000, of non-EU nationals was 662,000 and of British nationals was -4,000.

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