30 million UK adults want to see immigration reduced

August 06, 2019

Migration Watch UK has today published an analysis reputable opinion polls conducted since spring last year which underline the strength of public opinion on immigration.

Taken together, the seven surveys show that 30 million people wish to see a reduction in immigration, and that over 18 million of these would like the numbers to come down significantly. In contrast, only a small minority wish to see an increase in immigration.

It is no longer acceptable for the government to continue ducking an issue which is of clear concern to the majority of the UK adult population. The new Home Secretary, Priti Patel, must therefore ensure a complete overhaul of our immigration system to bring about a must-needed decrease in the number of those coming here.

Having made the decision to roll back on three consecutive manifesto commitments to meet the 100,000 target, the Conservative Party have one last chance to restore credibility in the immigration system and to satisfy their own voters – 88% of whom support reductions.

Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

These findings demonstrate that Migration Watch is, indeed, the voice of 30 million.  The government really cannot pretend that the issue is “control” rather than the numbers themselves. The public very clearly want to see a large reduction in the scale of immigration which is changing the country before our eyes. Public confidence in the immigration system will only be restored when numbers start to fall considerably.

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