Government admit immigration link to rise in housing demand for first time

December 13, 2004

Government figures, just released, show that immigration will increase the number of households in England by nearly 1.2 million over the period 2001 –2021. The previous estimate, based on 1996 immigration assumptions, was less than 600,000 - half the new estimate.[1]

The new projections mean that nearly one in three of the additional 189,000 households formed each year will be due to international migration – the first time this has been officially admitted.

In respect of London the projections are especially dramatic as they show a huge rise in the annual rate of household formation expected in the capital - from 26,000 p.a. to 46,000 p.a. In fact London, the South East and East account for 55 % of all the projected additional households between 2001 and 2021

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of MigrationwatchUK, said ‘These figures are significant for a number of reasons. They are the first time the Government has officially admitted the link between migration and the increase in housing needs.

‘The new figures also officially confirm the actual scale of the impact of immigration on the demand for housing across the UK – especially in London and the Southeast, already one of the most densely crowded areas in Europe.

‘At least the link between the two is at last out in the open and we can stop pretending that the two are not related. It is completely irresponsible for the Government to promote immigration without taking account of the resultant intense pressure on housing and public services.

‘They are also going against the wishes of the vast majority of the population who are alarmed at the way in which immigration has soared under this Government without any explanation or rationale. A sharp reduction in immigration is now essential,’ he said.

[1] House of Lords answers HL 102 and HL 104 Column WA 39

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