Welcome for UN High Commissioner's comments that Britain is' taking more than fair share of refugees'

December 27, 2002

Comments today from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Ruud Lubbers, that Britain is taking more than its fair share of refugees have been welcomed by independent think-tank MigrationwatchUK.

Said MigrationwatchUK chairman, Sir Andrew Green; 'Mr Lubber's remarks are very welcome. They confirm what we have been saying for months. He is quite right to call for burden-sharing. We are taking far more than the one per thousand he suggests. He is also right to point out that our money would be better used helping refugees in or near their own countries.

'This is in sharp contrast with the Refugee Council's claim that we are only taking 2% of world refugees. In fact we are taking 23% of all the refugees who come to Europe, and more than any other industrialised country,' he said…

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