Migration Watch UK press comment on today's ONS net migration figures

Migration Watch UK press comment on today

May 25, 2017

Commenting on the release of the ONS Net Migration Statistics, Mr Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

This reduction in net migration is welcome but it is still running at a quarter of a million a year – a level that would have once have been dismissed as incredible.

This means, broadly, a UK population increase of nearly half a million, every year. This is not a situation that can be allowed to slide. A strong focus by the next government on reducing immigration will be essential if the growing strains on our public services and society are to be relieved.

Notes to Editors

The ONS statistics show that net migration is now estimated at 248,000 a year, a statistically significant fall from 2015 levels when it was estimated at 332,000.

The fall is largely due to a reduction in arrivals and an increase in departures from the EU8. Net flows from the EU14 and EU2 remain at broadly similar levels to a year ago, at 73,000 and 54,000 respectively.

Non-EU migration is running at 175,000, a not statistically significant reduction from 189,000 a year ago.

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