At current levels of immigration to England a new home will be needed every five minutes over the next 25 years

July 12, 2016

The DCLG has today released its 2014-based Household Projections for England for the period 2014-2039.

Commenting, Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

Yet again government officials are playing down the impact of immigration on household demand. Today’s DCLG publication focuses only on the principal projection of net migration to England of 170,000 rather than the high migration scenario of 233,000 which is much closer to the average of the last ten years which is 220,000 a year.

That scenario confirms that we will need to provide a new home every five minutes to accommodate future arrivals. This is 45% of all of the new homes needed. Demand for new housing has constantly been underestimated and unmet. It is now crystal clear that, if the housing crisis is to be eased, the new government must get immigration sharply down.

Notes to Editors:

Data can be found in Table 7 and is summarised below:

Average annual growth in households under variant migration scenarios

Zero net migration scenario - Average annual growth of 133,000 households a year with no future net migration.

Principal Projection (net migration of 170,500 a year) - Average annual growth of 210,000 households a year (an additional 77,000 due to net migration, 37% of the total projected growth).

High net migration scenario (net migration of 233,000 a year) - Average annual growth of 243,000 households a year (an additional 110,000 due to net migration, 45% of total projected growth).

To see the full DCLG release, click here.

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