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February 28, 2003

Think tank Migrationwatch has launched a public appeal for funds to improve its ability to continue making the case for a rational UK asylum and immigration policy.

Formed a year ago the voluntary organisation, led by a former British Ambassador, has stimulated a public debate and robustly challenged the views of the multi million pound asylum and immigration 'industry.'

'Our views have been endorsed by the public who have given us great support - for which we are tremendously grateful - and all our revenue has come from individuals. Nearly everybody else in this field is heavily funded by the taxpayer,' said Chairman, Sir Andrew Green.

'The recent MORI poll we commissioned has shown we are in tune with the mood of the nation. 80% supported much tougher immigration controls, including 52% of the ethnic minority communities. But we know we are up against an extremely well-funded and well-organised lobby and therefore need the resources to continue putting forward the case,' he said.

The initiative has been launched with advertisements in several national newspapers.

Sir Andrew said the aim was to try and set up a small permanent office to conduct wider research than is currently possible and to make its voice even more effective.

'We now have an Advisory Council made up of distinguished members from many walks of life who will offer the benefit of their wide experience in furthering a well balanced debate on this most important issue,' he said.

Full details of Migrationwatch are obtainable on,, or by writing to PO Box 765, Guildford, GU2 4XN. Donations can be made on line or by telephoning 0845 330 50 71…

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