The establishment of a new website to inform public debate on migration trends was announced on December 17, 2001.

December 17, 2001

The intention is to provide the press and public with accurate and comprehensible information, to offer balanced comment and, in due course, to suggest policy options for consideration.

The website "" is the work of an independent and
non-political body chaired by Sir Andrew Green. Dr (now Professor) David Coleman is an Honorary Consultant.

The website comprises a concise overview of this complex subject as
well as additional pages explaining key aspects.

In launching the new website, the Chairman said:
"The Cantle Report into the disturbances in Northern cities provides a frank analysis of a very difficult subject. But there is an important omission. There is no mention of asylum and immigration policy.

Net inward migration has trebled since 1994 - from about 60,000
a year in the previous decade to 183,000 in 1999. This is already well
above the Government's most recent projection for net inward migration of 1.35 million every decade until 2050. If one adds a conservative estimate for illegal immigrants (not included in the Government's figures) of, say, 40,000 per year, the total comes to about 1.75 million every
ten years.

Given the difficulties described in the Cantle Report, it is hard to
see how our society can absorb a continuing inflow on such a scale. Our website "www." provides an objective account of how this has occurred and sets out some of the considerations involved".

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