Peerage Conferred on Migration Watch UK Chairman Sir Andrew Green

October 21, 2014

We were delighted at Migration Watch UK to learn of our Chairman Sir Andrew Green's elevation to the Lords. It is a non-party appointment and he intends to sit on the cross-benches.

After a long and distinguished public service career, Sir Andrew co-founded Migration Watch UK together with Prof David Coleman in 2001, since when he has been chairman. His appointment is a clear endorsement, at the highest level, of the work that Migration Watch has been doing. In the early years there was widespread reluctance to discuss the issue at all but Migration Watch has worked steadily to improve public understanding of the impact of the very high levels of net migration of the past 15 years. Under Sir Andrew's guiding hand Migration Watch has undeniably become a leading voice in a very necessary debate.

Asked to comment, Sir Andrew said that Migration Watch UK was very much a team effort so he was very grateful for the commitment and hard work of his colleagues, many of them volunteers, that had made this possible.

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