UK Taxpayer Picks up Annual £400 Million Bill for Unemployed EU Migrants

October 17, 2013

Research from the European Commission suggests that it is much easier for migrants to access benefits in the UK than in other EU countries. As a result British taxpayers are paying out £1 million a day to EU citizens who have never worked in Britain.

The research from the European Commission showed that 37% of all EU job seekers have never worked in the UK – twice the proportion in France or Germany. Taking into account just the costs of unemployment benefit and housing benefit the UK taxpayer is picking up an annual bill of £400 million for these migrants. In reality, the costs will be even higher as this does not include the costs of child benefits, and free access to the National Health Service.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

“Unlike our European partners the UK benefits system is wide open to those who have never contributed. A determined renegotiation is now essential to ensure those who have made no contribution should have no access benefits.”

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