Migration Watch UK Calls For Targetted Assistance For Start-Ups

November 12, 2012

A paper issued by Migration Watch UK today describes the bureaucracy facing a company that wishes to recruit a member of staff from outside the EU.

After reading 108 pages of guidance, they need 10 sets of information to hand before completing an online application to become a registered sponsor.

Commenting Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said “Lord O’Donnell accused the government of shooting itself in the foot with its cap on economic migration. But both he and Business have been shooting at the wrong target. The problem is not the cap on economic migration which has never been reached, but the incredible bureaucracy spawned by the much-vaunted PBS introduced by the previous government. It is absurd to expect start-up companies to cope with all this paperwork. The UKBA should provide advice centres on the ground in start-up areas to ensure that key people can be recruited.”

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