New poll shows seven out of ten want immigration slashed
75% worried about impact immigration is having on Britain, 5% are pleased
Nearly 2/3rds of Labour voters want immigration sharply cut

November 26, 2009

On the day that new Government statistics show that immigration in 2008 was 163,000, a new YouGov poll for Migrationwatch UK reveals the vast majority of the public are concerned about immigration and want it cut substantially so that the UK’s population does not hit 70 million in 2029, as official figures project.

To avoid the population hitting 70 million, net migration needs to be cut to 50,000 a year, a cut of 113,000 from the latest figure.

The YouGov poll found that 72% want it cut to 50,000 or less. Nearly two thirds of people (62%) who say they would vote Labour or Liberal Democrat want immigration cut to 50,000 or less.

The poll reveals the public’s lack of trust in the Government on an issue which most people find worrying. 77% of people disagree that the Government is open and honest about the scale of immigration into Britain: only a third (32%)of those who say they would vote Labour agree the Government is open and honest. 76% of people are worried about the impact that immigration is having on Britain. The region where concern is greatest is the North of England, where 80% are worried compared to just over two thirds in London. Just 5% of respondents said they were “pleased” about the impact immigration is having on Britain.

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said:

‘The government claim that their policies are contributing to a fall in immigration and that our population will not reach 70 million but very few believe them, and rightly so. We are firmly on track for three million immigrants under this government yet their much trumpeted Points Based System only applies to one in five of those permitted to enter Britain and has no limits whatever. Today’s immigration figures confirm that unless we change direction, immigration will add another seven million to our population in the next 25 years – that’s equivalent to seven cities the size of Birmingham. With the prime minister yet again ruling out any cap on numbers at the CBI conference, the Government has demonstrated just how out of touch it is with the views of the British people.

'Clearly, immigration is still out of control. The time has come for politicians of all parties to level with the public and make a clear commitment to hold immigration well below 50,000 a year.’

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