The Independent – Another Apology

January 23, 2009

"For a second time The Independent has been obliged to apologise and pay damages and costs to Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch. This is despite the fact that on the first occasion, in February 2008, their apology recognised explicitly that "Sir Andrew Green and Migrationwatch, the think-tank he founded, are entitled to put forward an approach to immigration which differs from view put forward in this newspaper. We accept that language on this subject should be temperate and appropriate on all sides and apologise to Sir Andrew Green".

On this second occasion, their apology read as follows;

"In her column, "These bigots imperil our nation's future" (29 September 2008) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown referred to Sir Andrew Green, of Migrationwatch, in discussing the British Council's report on British and Italian young people's views on National Identity and Europe. She alleged that Sir Andrew Green is "gleeful" that the result showed that one in four Britains is fearful of migrants and that this outcome is the result of his campaigning. These allegations are untrue and we apologise to Sir Andrew".

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