Huge majority believe immigration puts too much pressure on publice services

November 12, 2007

85% of the population think immigration is putting too much pressure on public services says a new poll out today. According to a YouGov poll for Migrationwatch, 85% agreed with this statement, 58% strongly. Only 10% disagreed, 2% strongly.

The highest numbers of those strongly agreeing came from the East of England (63%), the North West, Yorkshire and Humberside and the West Midlands, all on 62%. It was felt most strongly in the 45+ age group who are of course more likely to use services such as Health, at 67%.

There was a similar response when asked if the Government should substantially reduce immigration levels to Britain.

81% think immigration levels to Britain should be cut substantially and a massive 57% agreed strongly with 24% tending to agree. Only 14% disagreed, 4% strongly. In London, where 30% of the population are immigrants, 70% agreed (41% strongly) that immigration levels should be cut substantially.

The highest numbers of those strongly agreeing came from the West Midlands (65%) the North West (61%) and the East of England (60%).

When asked if they thought immigration had generally contributed positively to the UK economy 35% believed that it had (6% strongly) while 54%, (22% strongly) that it had not.

When asked if immigration was the result of global trends rather than the actions of the Government 42% believed it was global trends (11% strongly) while 48% disagreed (23% strongly).

‘These figures show that now the scale of immigration and its consequences are now being better understood and people are deeply concerned at what is going on,’ said Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch.

‘This is heightened by the way in which the Government has clearly mishandled the whole issue, making tough sounding pronouncements that are then not followed up in practice.

‘The public have at last seen through the smoke and mirrors that has been government policy on this issue for a decade and are very angry that they have not been consulted about such a fundamental change taking place in our society,' he said.

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