Migrationwatch Statement
Immigration and Housing Pressures: Government Response Misleading

June 19, 2006

The Government statement in response to the Migrationwatch report on this subject recognises that "immigration is, of course, a factor in population growth".  Indeed, it is projected to account for 83% of future population growth. 

The Government statement did not challenge the estimate that 32% of household growth will be due to immigration, no doubt because this is part of their own forecast.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migrationwatch UK, said "It is common ground that the growth of single households has been the largest factor in generating housing demand but the Government got that forecast about right and the house building programme largely catered for it.  Their major mistake was their failure to make sufficient allowance for immigration which turned out to be twice their estimate. This, therefore, was the principle reason for the short fall in housing provision".

19 June 2006

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