Massive public demand for annual immigration limit.

April 03, 2006

The public have comprehensively rejected the Government’s ‘no limits’ immigration policy and instead have called for an annual limit on numbers.

By 76% to 10% they strongly agreed (50%), or agreed (26%), there must be an annual limit to the number of immigrants allowed to come to Britain (only 4% strongly disagreeing), in a survey out today for think tank Migrationwatch. (View Survey)*

And in the same survey, only 10% said that the Government was listening to their opinion on an issue which the public ranks second only to crime as the most important issue facing Britain today.

The survey, conducted by YouGov, also suggested that concern about integration and the problems of overcrowding lie behind these attitudes.

The poll showed that 73% agreed (35% strongly) that Britain was becoming increasingly segregated while 69% agreed (45% strongly) that they are concerned that Britain is losing its own culture.

With recent government figures, analysed by Migrationwatch, showing that 1.5 million new homes will be required in the next 20 years to house immigrants, 69% also agreed (40% strongly) that Britain is already overcrowded.

As for the government’s claims that immigrants are needed for our economy, 71% agreed or strongly agreed that getting British people back to work should take priority over more immigration.

‘These are very high numbers and the results are similar across all social classes. It is difficult to see how the Government’s handling of this issue could be more thoroughly rejected by the British people,’ said Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch.

‘The survey shows that they fundamentally disagree with the Government’s open ended immigration policy and feel that their views are being ignored in the process.’

* The survey is viewed in Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Excel installed please click here to download a free viewer.

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