Failed Asylum Seekers - the numbers

April 15, 2005

The number of failed asylum seekers still in Britain could well exceed 250,000, says a new report out today. (Read report)

The government refuse to give their own figure, claiming (without producing evidence) that a significant number of failed asylum seekers go home of their own accord without informing the authorities.

The report, from think-tank Migrationwatch, makes an estimate based on the official figures for asylum decisions, the number known to have been removed and other factors. It concludes that the number still here is between 287,000 and 300,000 - roughly equivalent to the population of Newcastle.

The report also finds that over the period as a whole, only about one in four failed asylum seekers are actually removed.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch, said: ‘There is no point whatever in a £2 billion a year asylum process if three quarters of those rejected stay on illegally.’

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