True illegal migrant numbers approaching 750,000 says report

August 01, 2005

The current number of illegal immigrants could be up to 300,000 more than the figure in a recent government paper says a new report out today. (Read report.)

The report, from think-tank Migrationwatch says that the government figures did not include UK born children of illegal immigrants. More importantly, they were also four years out of date during a period in which record levels of failed asylum seekers were adding to the stock of illegal immigrants. The report updates the government figures to allow for these two factors.

The Government estimates that the numbers of illegal immigrants in 2001 was between 310,000 and 570,000 with a central estimate of 430,000. However says Migrationwatch, if you add in these two categories, the current level is likely to be in the range 515,000 to 870,000 with a central estimate of 670,000 – and other factors point towards the upper end of this range

‘When the figures were first published a few weeks ago they rightly caused great consternation because they highlighted the extent to which the Government has, in practice, lost control of our borders,’ said Sir Andrew Green chairman of Migrationwatch. ‘If they have failed to remove some three quarters of a million people who have no right to be in the UK, it is patently absurd to suggest otherwise.’

‘It is also clear that the government’s numbers could have been calculated and made public years ago. As usual, the government have been less than frank about the true situation.’

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