Reference List of Press Releases September 2004 - August 2005

September 01, 2005

Sept 8: Visits from accession countries
Sept 16: Comment on PM’s article in The Times
Sept 22: Overseas Marriage (report)
Oct 4: Two million population increase per decade (report)
Oct 12: Housing demand up by one million (report)
Oct 28: Implications of EU Constitution (report)
Nov 1: Foreign nurses (report)
Nov 4: One million immigrants since 1997
Nov 11: Workers from Eastern Europe
Nov 16: Q3 Asylum figures
Dec 2: Call for HIV tests for immigration from Southern Africa (report)
Dec 13: Housing demand
Jan 14: Immigration: Economic arguments “a smokescreen” – two of the government’s key economic arguments challenged (report).
Jan 17: Call for medical staff to be tested before recruitment overseas (report)
Feb 7: Yougov opinion poll shows that 45% agree (21% strongly) that immigration will affect their vote (opinion poll)
Feb 10: Annual outflow of Londoners has doubled in the last five years (report)
Feb 21: Critique of government’s five year plan (report)
Feb 22: Comment on asylum figures and East European immigration.
March 7: Overview of economic arguments for immigration (report)
March 21: Social impact of immigration - Nearly one in five born to a mother born overseas. Close to 50% in London (report).
March 22: Response to Des Browne on population estimates
April 5: Immigration numbers likely to be higher than predicted (report)
April 10: Communities face profound change (report)
April 26: Comment on CBI economic claims
May 1: East European Immigrants and labour market (report)
May 2: Assessment of party policies (report)
June 8: House of Lords evidence (report)
June 27: Scottish immigration (report)
Aug 1: Illegal immigrants could be ¾ million (report)
Aug 23: Visa pressure could compromise security (report)
Aug 31: One million immigrants since 1997 (report)
Total 32, with 22 reports
(reports can be found on the Briefing Paper page).
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