Traffickers will seek to exploit the judgment

By Alp Mehmet
A spokesman for Migration Watch UK
The Scotsman, Edinburgh, 8 July, 2010

THE ruling could apply to literally millions of people around the world.
This isn't about being hostile to gay people and, of course, the principle of asylum should be supported, but there will be people who will look to see how they can now exploit this ruling, and traffickers who want to exploit them.

The essence of the problem remains: namely, that government has lost control over our borders during the past 15 years. This has resulted in immigration on a scale that is placing huge strain on our public services, housing, environment, society and quality of life. Britain is already an overcrowded island. This judgment will add to the pressure to drive the population increase.

Our concern is the potential for adding to asylum numbers based on a convention which is 60 years old and was made for a different era. It is time to look to our own country and formulate something that is in line with our own way of life.

Mr Alp Mehmet is a former British Ambassador to Iceland and a member of the Advisory Council of Migration Watch UK.

© Copyright of Mr Alp Mehmet
The Scotsman, Edinburgh, 8 July, 2010

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