Letter to the Times

Letter sent to The Times
by Sir Andrew Green
Chairman, Migration Watch UK
21 October, 2010

An edited version was published 25 October, 2010 under the heading 'Zero Migration?'


David Aaronovitch's article "The solar lamp lights the way Britain must go" (21 October) was simply bizarre. He completely, and perhaps even deliberately, misrepresents the aims of Migrationwatch. We have said since our foundation nearly nine years ago that we favour migration in both directions as a natural part of an open economy. We recognise too that Britain would be a poorer nation without immigration - but that is not the same thing as mass immigration.

Far from lacking intellectual curiosity as he implies, we have had the curiosity to look beyond the platitudes and to investigate the facts. We have also had the courage to publicise conclusions that conflict with the views of the liberal elite but which, being true, resonate widely with the public.

Aaronovitch's rather contrived personal attack is yet more evidence that the left realise that they have lost the argument on the scale of immigration. A poll conducted by the previous government last February found that 77% wanted to see immigration reduced and 50% (of the total) wanted it reduced "by a lot". For our part, we wish to see net immigration reduced close to zero so as to stabilise the UK population at about 65 million. To describe this as "pessimism bordering on paranoia" is simply ridiculous.

Aaronovitch says that “We are facing a clarifying moment - either this way or that way. Choose.” Indeed so. Either we shut our eyes to the implications for the future of our society of mass immigration or we choose to take action to reduce it as the public so clearly wishes. This is not a matter of pessimism, but of realism.

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