Immigration is making matters worst

Letter by Sir Andrew Green
The Surrey Advertiser, 7 December, 2007

Several of your correspondents express deep anxiety about the government's housing plans for Guildford.

None have yet mentioned the major factor driving the increase in household formation. According to the government’s latest projections, immigration will account for one new household in three over the next twenty years or so. This means that, in England, we will have to build 260 houses every day of the week for the next 20 years simply as a result of this extra demand.

There are, of course, other almost equally important factors such as people living longer and an increase in divorce. However, neither of these add to our population so they do not put pressure on the infrastructure to the same extent as new arrivals.

A substantial cut in immigration, which we favour and which is supported by 75% of the public, would not of itself solve the housing problem but it would make it a good deal easier to tackle.

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