Jobs still vacant

By Andrew Green
Chairman of Migration Watch UK
The Daily Mail, London, 2 May, 2006

Immigration has little effect on vacancies (Letters). We had 600,000 vacancies in 2001 when the government first gave this as a reason for expanding immigration and we still have a similar number, despite net immigration of roughly 900,000 in the same period.

The reason is that the number of jobs in an economy isn’t fixed. Immigrants also create demand and thus extra vacancies, so there is no end to the cycle.

It would be much better if employers trained British workers rather than importing them from abroad. They could also try paying a decent wage to the unskilled, whose pay is being held down by the current large-scale immigration. No wonder some employers are happy.

Sir Andrew Green
Migrationwatch UK

© Copyright of Sir Andrew Green
The Daily Mail, London, 11 May, 2006

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