Migration Cap

By Lord Green of Deddington
Founding Chairman of Migration Watch UK
The Times, 3rd January, 2017 


David Sapsted seems to be crying “wolf” (Thunderer, Jan. 3). Limitations on recruiting skilled workers from outside the EU have not been as draconian as he suggests.  On an annual basis the cap of 20,700 has never been reached although for three months in 2016 a few employers would have had to wait until the following month for a slot.  As for skilled workers from the EU after Brexit, a work permit system is very likely but there will not necessarily be a cap. 

It is surely not unreasonable that there should be a trade off between the convenience of industry, the need to train British workers and the public’s strong desire to see the scale of immigration reduced.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Green
Chairman, Migrationwatch UK

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