Letter to The Economist

By Sir Andrew Green
Chairman of Migration Watch UK
The Economist, 3 November, 2012 


Immigration policy

It is surely impossible to argue that Britain’s immigration policy is “crippling” business and the economy (“The Tories’ barmiest policy”, October 20th) when there is no limit to staff transfers between international companies and only half the available work permits have been taken up. As for the reduction in student visas, that should be no surprise when a system riddled with abuse is tightened up.

Your argument mainly concerns the impact of bureaucracy on growing companies. That certainly has to be looked at, but it would be quite wrong to ignore the very strong public demand, which you acknowledge, for immigration to be reduced.

Immigration is valuable when it is controlled. Both parts of this message must be delivered. Exaggerated complaints from businesses and universities convey a negative message to potential students, visitors and skilled workers.

© Copyright of Sir Andrew Green

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