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9th June 2011 (Uncategorised)

The Points Based System: Why It Will Not Stop Our Population Hitting 70 Million

November, 11 2009 "At his press conference on 10 November, the Prime Minister claimed that the Goverment's Points Based System "has made a huge difference" to immigration. However, our study of the system reveals very serious weaknesses. We think that it has eliminated the professional judgement of Immigration Officers in favour of a complex box […]

18th November 2009 (Uncategorised)

Eu Workers In Uk ‘three Or Four Times’ Number Of Brits Working In Europe

There are three or four times the number of EU workers in the UK as there are UK workers in the EU says a new report from think tank Migrationwatch out today. The number of UK nationals working in other EU countries is approximately 286,000 as against some 1,172,000 workers born in the EU currently […]

18th February 2009 (Uncategorised)

Freedom Of Movement In The Eu : The Metock Case

This is a case decided by the European Court of Justice [ECJ] in July 2008 on a reference made to it by the Irish High Court. It is concerned with the interpretation of Directive 2004/38/EC (sometimes referred to as the Citizens Directive) on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to […]

Statisticians Are Right To Publish And Be Damned

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK Statisticians can cause quite a stir just by being honest. Yesterday the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the latest employment figures. They show that in the past 12 months the employment of British workers has fallen by about 250,000 while the number of foreign workers […]

Migrationwatch Chairman Gives Evidence To Migration Advisory Committee

The Migration Advisory Committee, an independent body set up by the government to advise on those occupations in Britain which face skills shortages, held a session on 26 September to which they invited the Chairman to give evidence. The Committee had been requested by the government to provide advice as to whether the present restrictions […]

30th September 2008 (Uncategorised)

Access Of Foreign Doctors To Specialist Training In The Uk

The BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) case was recently decided on final appeal to the House of Lords. It arose out of what can reasonably described as an attempt by the Department of Health to exercise authority in the field of immigration – an exercise which was found by their Lordships to […]

27th May 2008 (Uncategorised)

Devastating Demolition Of The Case For Mass Immigration

An article by Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK in The Daily Mail, London 1 April, 2008 Today’s report on immigration from the House of Lords Economic Committee strikes a devastating blow against years of blatant government propaganda. It rejects outright the Government’s argument that a high level of immigration is of economic benefit […]

2nd April 2008 (Uncategorised)

Migrationwatch: Supplementary Evidence To The House Of Lords Economic Affairs Committee

In response to a request from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee who are investigating the economic impact of immigration, Migrationwatch has submitted written evidence in response to the Government case. Migrationwatch Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, will give further oral evidence to the Committee on 15 January. Commenting on the government’s earlier written evidence […]

14th January 2008 (Uncategorised)

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