February 2022 - January 2022

98% of Channel boat migrants have no passport

Just 2% of the thousands who have made their way to the UK illegally in small boats via the English Channel …

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Migration Watch co-founder Lord Green leads fightback against open borders in Parliament

“Our asylum system is in chaos, and very visibly so,” said Migration Watch UK President and Co-F…

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Britain not obliged to take in Europe’s failed asylum claimants: Parliamentary Committee

It’s a rare concession to truth and reality by politicians but why won’t those in power do more …

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The idea that the government is delivering on tackling illegal immigration is laughable

While announcing a welcome new returns agreement with Serbia, the Home Secretary, the government claims that…

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Shameful government inaction following bomber’s asylum deception

The case of the Liverpool bomber Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen – who blew himself up outside a women’s…

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December 2021

Illegal Channel crisis – 3 key facts to remember

Here are three key facts to remember about the illegal immigration crisis in the Channel, which has seen ove…

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Many if not most of those crossing the Channel destroy their identity documents

Deliberate destruction of documentation by tens of thousands crossing the Channel in boats without prior per…

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Our written evidence on the government’s proposed asylum reforms

The government announced changes to the immigration and asylum system in March 2021. See the Home Secretary‚…

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Failure to secure border threatens you and your family

Asylum chaos and law enforcement failures threaten YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Illegal entries have skyrocketed in …

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Growing deficiencies in immigration enforcement

Ex-senior government officials say there are likely to be more than a million illegal migrants in the UK and…

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Independent watchdog blasts government for failing to prevent surge in illegal Channel crossings early on

Report on illegal entries by the Independent Borders Watchdog is devastating for the government Government m…

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The shocking failure to deport dangerous criminals

Lawyers succeeded in stopping criminals including rapists and killers from being deported to Jamaica because…

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Sir Andrew Green: 10 Reasons our Visa System is Rotten to the Core

Commentary in The Daily Mail 30 December, 2009 We got lucky – this time. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, th…

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April 2008 - July 2007

Recent case law on asylum and immigration

The government has recently suffered a number of setbacks in asylum and immigration cases in the High Court …

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Big majority for human rights opt-out over terror threat

There is overwhelming public support for a much tougher line to be taken against terrorists and suspected te…

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New UK human rights laws needed to counter new threat

The terrorist suspects arrested this week will be able to remain in Britain indefinitely and at public expen…

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